sabato 20 febbraio 2016

Do you know why

Trinacria is the symbol of Sicily? 

The symbol of the Sicilian flag represents a feminine head with three folded legs. That's Trinacria. 


The head reminds the Gorgons, monsters of the Greek mythology with golden wings, hands with bronze claws, wild boar fangs and snakes instead of hair.

In the past Sicily was known as Triquetra or Trinacria, because of its particular geographic shape. 
It is characterized by three promontories, Pachino, Peloro and Lilibeo, and three vertices that almost instinctively remind the triangle.

The spikes, added later on the Sicilian flag, represent the fertility of the island and the first "granary" of the Roman empire. 

Finally... The colours of the Sicilian flag are the yellow and the red ones, which represent the courage of Palermo and Corleone, the first two cities that revolted against the French during the Sicilian vespers in 1282. 

That's how the Sicilian flag appear now: 

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