lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

Taormina.. between the ancient greek-roman theatre and the modern film festival

Taormina is certainly one of the most visited places in Sicily. 
It is renowed for both its undisputed historical and artistic heritage and lively nightlife made of discos and clubs.

Of course one of the most famous symbols of Taormina is the ancient greek-roman theatre, that follows for beauty and size the Syracuse's one. 

In the past Taormina theatre was used for the rapresentation of classical comedies and tragedies.. Nowdays it's stage for modern rapresentations, like concerts, show business and cultural events..

On this puropose one of the most renowed is Taormina Film Festival, an historical event that welcomed many famous world actors and artists, like Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas. 

If you like cinema, music and living a cultural and enjoying experience,Taormina is the perfect place to come in.

But... Plan in advance your holiday, expecially in summer, to avoid the risk not to find any accommodation in the overcrowded Taormina. ;)

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