martedì 19 gennaio 2016

Sicily.. among the best places in Italy for free termal baths

Sicily.. The region of thousands resources ;)

Did you know that in Sicily there are some free termal baths considered ones of the best in Italy? 

During the winter period many people feel the need to be cuddled.. You can do it in Sicily, thanks to the springs of hot water. 

Let's see togheter the most famous Sicilian termal-baths :

1) SEGESTA termal baths.
Located near the beautiful Doric temple of Segesta, their are known for the modern termal nucleus. Next to it you can also enjoy free thermal-baths, called Crimiso Polle. Here, without spending money, you can take a hot bath in the many pools of hot water. 

2) VULCANO thermal baths.
Vulcano gives visitors open air termal baths, with mud, hot springs and fumaroles. All surrounded.. by a natural landscape of rare beauty. The hydrothermal wealth of the territory makes the island an ideal place for those who wish to combine the sea and wellness during the summer season.

This is just one of the many reasons to visit... Sicily ;)

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