lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

Sicily... in a dessert

How many of you know what is the most typical Sicilian dessert?

Cassata is the main typical Sicilian dessert. 
Cassata is the symbol of the Sicilian culinary tradition, made up of compact white and green marzipan covering, sponge-cake, ricotta cheese, chocolate, and a lot of sweet decorations. 
The current version is the result of thousands years of local history...
It was invented by Arabs, who mixed Sicilian ingredients, like ricotta cheese, and others typical of their own culinary tradition, like pistachio, lemon, almond, and sugar cane. 
Cassata was subjected to changes in the period of the Norman domination with the introduction of the almond pastry. 
Under the Spanish domination the shortcrust pastry was replaced by the sponge-cake with chocolate addition., brought by Spaniards from American colonies. 
So.. We can read the history of Sicily through the different transformation of this dessert in the centuries. 

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